Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Evolution of the ad-box

In September of 2003, our company ran a series of fliers for marketing use. One of these focused on stressing “reliability and great value” as inherent in our products and services. We felt these positive traits should be imparted to our patrons, thus setting us apart from the other outfits. I felt the panel bus will be a great simile of these values. Good projects generated that year, confirmed that it served us well!

This also started our thrust to introduce “European Lifestyle” or the European way of “form follows function” principles in contemporary interiors and lifestyle products.

Here’s the flier in our showroom way back 2003, the predecessor of the SLIVERS Ads (as seen on the previous post) for June 2006 issue.

Recent photo of yours truly, don in neat company jacket and sporting a permanent tan! The reliability flier is on the extreme lower right…. though partly cropped.

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