Monday, May 29, 2006

Architect's Daily Drive

A hobby dictates ones lifestyle or is it the other way around. In the case of the automobile hobby, "you are what you drive". In the office, our staff calls me "ECM" and most often "Architect". And this architect, needless to say, likes VWs. Can't seem to stay away from this can say I'm bitten by the bug.... but in a different light. Managing a business and the long drive to-and-fro the office, 6 days a week, orients my choice of car. Add to that is a dose of meeting clients, and a fairly decent business-dressing (as appropriate), all leads to a pragmatic choice too. Currently I daily drive in a U.S. Version 1992 VW Jetta 2 with auto-box. This is my executive express. A car in which I can enjoy my hobby conveniently everyday and even a simple ride is always a joy. That is to me, the best part of this VW lifestyle, one that you experience daily. Enjoy your VW everyday guys!

"The journey of a thousand sMILES, begins with a Volkswagen" - ECM

Executive Jet a.k.a. “EJ”

And one more other rides are VWs too!

Some Jetta trivia;
- Jetta was born out of the request of the Marketing guys at VW of America.
- These guys noted that, Americans prefer sedans than hatchbacks (VW Rabbit).
- Early model was basically a Rabbit (U.S. version Golf1) with a trunk, penned by Guigaro.
- The Rabbit with “the trunk”, in car design is referred to as a “Notchback”
- VW notchback designs include the Type 3 Notch, K70 and Jetta.
- The Jetta 2 is the longest series and most successful; marketed from 1984 to 1992.
- Jetta 2 earned the title, the best selling European car in the U.S.A.
- The 1997 Volvo design resembles that of the 1992 Jetta2, and is viewed as a compliment.

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