Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Lurking unto the pavement….
A bug like no other….
It began to form colonies….
Infesting the whole scene….
The “Ipis” Vrod !!!

Manilaghia’s concept of the Hot Rod Volkswagen would be this roadster of a Bug. Backyard and scratch built Hebmuller with all the right proportion. Take off the fenders and drape it midway black paint….not too shiny, not too flat….like a well worn leather jacket. Slam it really low via rod dropped front axle and outfit all corners with 17” BRMs sporting a red-hot coat. Get it motivated by an American-built SCAT big motor long-block lump. To finish it off, graphics on the side, hand-painted by no other than….the Man himself.

Ipis by Dennis


manilaghia said...

Kewlness! Thanks for the props man!

For something refreshing, check out some new VW logos in my blog

komenda said...

I checked it. they're kool and can be the decal of the "vrods" in pinas.