Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rebel with a cause

Remember the first time joining a VW club, one was told to stay away from the '69 model and also the Bug a year before that. One of the reasons being purported was it is not collectible. The older Bugeyes or 1966 below model and the one-year-only 1967 are the ones to go for.
Maybe the '69 is commonplace and thereby not rare enough. But this '69 Bug owner doesn't think in that unfair assessment (nor even try to discriminate) and frankly neither do I. This person is a positive thinker and view that being commonplace is a testament to the year model's sales success, and he is right. At 1.2 million sold that year, it was a roaring success. This owner is a person that does not conform to set convention but unconsciously makes his individual and unique choices. He sees the '69 as sexy, even erotic. This prodded him to go the "Full Monty", took off the top and stripped his Bug off, without fenders. He knows the bulbous behind of this beauty is an asset being able to accommodate an exciting Type 4 mill, while resembling the Hot Rod Deuce's rear end. Going for a white hot paint and smoldering solid red flames, this baby is ready to make a scene.
The one behind this Vrod is a truly welcomed rebel, a very individual VW enthusiast.

'69 Duece Vrod

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