Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Just had our Independence Day celebration as a nation, and it was something to rejoice about. Or was it? It wasn’t any different from last year, but hey you can’t fault consistency. Would you? Personally, doing some export orders to U.S. territories, more than ever made me proud to be Pinoy. Our products and services are really world-class; at least I could vouch for that. Ingrain discipline, hard work and commitment…we stand among the very best.

Well, as far as the automobile is concern, we have a few home-brews. Volkswagen in particular has been around much in this sun-kissed country. Speaking of country, we were blessed to have the “Country buggy” from VW no less. Actually the Country buggy is an Australian conception, yet our locals caught on, developed and assembled their version. This by the way is truly a peoples car, in local lingo “Sasakyan ng Bayan” or Sakbayan.

In terms of design, “ugly” really cannot be measured with the Sakbayan. Flat surfaces and sharp corners everywhere, are bestowed upon these little beasts…no angle seems flattering. Much like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this odd-ball (or would odd-cube be more apt) appeal grows on you. Mind you, these cars are rare. I’d say go for the 1974 model with IRS rear setup, 5-stud wheels and 1600cc twin port engine. If you want to get the ire of enthusiasts; smoothen it, slam it, put Centerlines and give it attitude. Who would do such a thing? I would…if I could get one myself! The hunt is on!

SlamBayan, local hero


manilaghia said...


Yup, chop it, slam it, make me write bad checks! hahaha.

Nicanor (runtrod) has a nice collection of Sakbayan/Country Buggy pictures in his site.

check em out


komenda said...

That was a treasure trove of runts! Muchos gracias! Hahaha.

Bro, seriously...if I could locate one...I'll build this & bring this to the KKK (Katipuneros Kuba Kosa). Mabuhay!