Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Man’s Best Friend

World Volkswagen Day 2006

A historic June, isn’t it? Independence Day has just been celebrated and now Dependence Day. It all started in June of 1938, from a noble advocacy by a ruler of Germany. To put his countrymen in the industrial age of mobility and progress was his dictates. Ironic it seems that Hitler has the heart to conceive a righteous formula for a people’s car. An admirable concoction which represents simple clean living and its concern for mankind’s resources and of the environment as well.

The result was the-go-ahead of the Volkswagen into the pages of history. And a remarkable history it wrote, for the little rear-engine car proved to be the most loved vehicle of all time. Well, the Maggiolino, the Kafer, the KotsengKuba, the Bug all specifically meant “VW Beetle” in every corner of the world, and is really a global phenomenon. People form groups and even sub-groups to show their affection to this seemingly animated car. Most enthusiasts treat them as pets, and likewise these cars have pet names too. Others view the VW Bug as wonderful pet dogs. Lovable, loyal and truly an enthusiast best friend. Much like any friendship, mutual bonding and dependency on each other, is a natural progression. And like a habit that wouldn’t go away, this reciprocal dependency can be a good thing. Care for it and you’ll be bestowed upon, unexplainable joy and fulfillment, derived from being its custodian and friend. So hats off to “Man’s best friend” and “Happy Dependence Day” to all VW Bug aficionados!

Loyal pet…. Pulis Dog

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