Saturday, July 01, 2006


The love for Volkswagen really transcends boundaries. You’ll be sure to find a Volksbuddy in every part of the world. You’ll get pulled with the common interest generated by this powerful force of Volks-fever.
In this case as a diecast collector, it is easy to find your place in the sun in forums around the net. Vdub based collectors are easy to spot, and this holds true with Donald. Being a member of MCC too, I quickly noticed his avatar and his pseudonym….its a ‘65 VW Notchback 1500S. And it wasn’t that hard to see this guy is a real enthusiast of miniature and 1:1 VWs. He even hails from “Notchback City”, California where the action is. Club affiliation is “DeafVolks”; a special brotherhood of enthusiasts, that is worth the admiration of all who loved VWs. Needless to say I do.

Thanks Don, the Big Brother for sharing these pics…

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