Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Miniature Runtrods

Fans and collectors alike agree that, "Hot Wheels" is the coolest car company. Fittingly so, you can find almost all types of custom vehicles in their range of diecast cars. Volkswagens are well represented and generally, they are highly prized and thus very collectible.Even “ire of the purist” lookers exist as one of the “off-the-shelf” variants in their VW Bug model. Primer painted with blazing flames graphic tampo. Halibrand Big and Little wheels giving it the raked stance and red Bug interiors.
Here's mine, parked on my shelf....
Another variation on the theme is the Hoodride. Prevailing feature is the raw and weathered look of classic VWs. Drop stance or mean camber, anything goes. Here a fellow member of MCC has this to share. Totally customize Vdub (not necessary "Hot Wheels") to capture the look quite well. It goes to show, “If you can’t buy it off-the-shelf, build it yourself”, is the way to go.In rust we trust....Thanks much Jerry! Keep on customizing and collecting those cool mini-mean VWs.


TOX said...

hi. i want to bulid my own custom toy, how do i go about it. like does anybody sell these kits?

komenda said...

These diecast are actually regular 'Jada' brand-old skool, you can buy from toy stores. Basically the toy is dismantled and then customized and put back together. The person who did this is a pro, as evident in the air-brushed rusted effects.
Practice makes perfect. Do buy some extras, while learning the techniques.