Monday, July 31, 2006

Who let the dogs out!

Custom Selecta Series

Boredom can be grueling, especially on rainy nights. It’s been raining “cats and dogs” these past few days, and a perfect time to be on the PC. How about doing Custom “Selecta” from scratch? Now that definitely kills time and boredom. Doesn’t it?

Starting with a regular early 60’s Sedan, was easy enough. Channeling it to squat close to the ground is easy still. I did not draw any fenders, so that took care of ridding them, out of sight. But the real tricky part is getting the top chopped. Mind you, chopping the Bug is not that easy, due to its curved shape and proportion. On the real McCoy it must be a nightmare of a task, and doing the Selecta made me appreciate, the great skills of those who got them perfect.

Anyway here’s my attempt on the slicing the top….of these mean but loyal dogs.
“Pulis Dog” Volksrod….
“Askal” Volksrod….


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