Sunday, July 16, 2006

Concept Collaboration

The history of Volkswagen and Porsche are intertwined. Fame Ferdinand Porsche was tasked to develop the first VW and later this paved the path for a car company that would later bear his name. It is no wonder that even in the decades to follow; the houses of Wolfsburg and Stuttgart collaborate and thus enjoy the benefits of their common lineage.
Such is project code 914. Essentially a co-op car, a mid-engine boxy shaped design and built by Karmann, no less. Marketed as a VW and Porsche, side by side, depending on which showroom it was shown. Frankly it was one of the misunderstood cars from the era it was introduced. Yet today, it has a growing and loyal fan base. Especially true is the 911 engined derivative, of which was packed with a 6-cylinder motor and suspension upgrade. The car was officially named 914-6 and has under its belt, successful foray in car races. You can identify this 914 on a steroid, externally by bulging bumpers, bulging wheel arches and ultra-desirable Fuchs alloy wheels. It would be an honor and a pleasure to own today, such a rare variant of this co-op car.
Meanwhile our local chap “Sakbayan” somehow resembles the 914 boxy silhouette. A wrecked 911 offers crucial transplant such as the 6-pot boxer mill and suspension, to make this plain local guy turn into our local hero. Muscles bulging from the pulled-fenders, tucking those Porsche alloys making for a much wider stance. A two tone Carrera paint, a targa top and swept windshield transform this into a Co-op Boxster racer.
Sketchy Super hero, Sakbayan Karera…..S914-6Boxy Silhouette Selecta....

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