Sunday, July 09, 2006

Razor treatment

Getting colds can be annoying. It takes you away from your usual weekend habit of being with cars and bicycles. I particularly missed pedaling, the wind-on-your-face blast you get atop cool wheels. So what have I been doing that time? I reckon if I have to spend time squeezing my nose red, might as well do some doodling.
For starters, I got into my usual pencil and marker pen sketches. Subject chosen, is the not-too-oft model that is the Karmann Ghia Type 34. While I’m doing the lines and curves of this particularly queer Volkswagen made me realize something. The guy who originally designed this was a pervert. A genius of a pervert that is, having the creative passion to do a very complex massing of clashing shapes. I would attempt to read that Italian artist during those moments as saying (complete with animated hand gestures), “Controlled chaos is magnifico!”.
Here is my attempt to recreate his sketches…. After a while I went into perversion mode myself. Got unto the PC and made a Razor Selecta with a few twists. Ahh, what do you know… creative perversion can also be contagious like colds. I think it too doesn’t have a cure.
My T34 Selecta…."Pulis Matulis" or Police Razor.
Fastback T34 anyone? ...."Labaha-Kuba"


manilaghia said...

Erwin, the fastback T34 is absolutely scrumptious! If the VW fastback is sleek, this one is super sexy.

P.S. I wouldn't want to meet up with Pulis Matulis at EDSA!

komenda said...

Thanks bro. BTW, that Pulis KG was loosely based on a toy and also your very own Ghia (B&W color scheme).