Monday, July 24, 2006

An Italian exotic - VW connection and an unusual Vrod.

Lamborghini Murcielago? Or Gallardo? If you were thinking that this is the VW link, you're kinda right. For, Lamborghini is owned by Volkswagen AG. Good guess, but not these two hot exotics. This particular exotic is not that simple to guess.
Two Christmas seasons ago I got hold of this rare Italian beauty. Talking VWs and anything with wheels with a buddy in Lawson Street that lazy December afternoon, our topic shifted to two wheels.
This buddy remembered he has an old bicycle in the attic. Taking a look at it, I was surprised to see a gem in the rough.
A week later, just before Christmas, that friend needed a part for a VW Golf 2. He knew I have a spare ECU lying around and that I was drooling over the Italian vintage lightweight bicycle. Without hesitation we traded and that exotic was mine. That treasure came about because of VW, and that unusual connection was sealed by destiny.

My 1960's CINELLI Vintage Lightweight Bicycle.
This bicycle carries the badge of one of the most sought after vintage light-weight road bicycles, proudly displaying where it was made; MILANO. Lugged chromed frame with Campagnolo dropouts. Campagnolo wheel hubs. Cinelli stem and Cinelli Unicator saddle. 

I restored my Cinelli taking cues from prevailing car culture combined with road racing bicycle influences.

"GTV" Gran Turisimo Velo
Or Grand Touring Bicycle.
In touring guise...taking a Resto-Custom approach...the name is a tribute to EMPI's Joe Vittone of Italian descent and inspired by Grant Peterson's Rivendell bicycles.

"Vrod" Velo Roadster
In Hot Rod guise...strip down, fender-less lightweight....Classic Rod combination; Black, chrome and splashes of red…Vintage Rebel.

Cinelli trivia
- The Cinelli bicycle is an icon of great Italian designs which include the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Vespa. All of which have cult followings.
- The founder and the company bearing his name, is credited with landmarks in cycling history, innovations and designs.
- Vintage Cinelli lightweights can fetch prices beyond the US$4,000 mark today. Many enthusiast-collectors even consider them investments.


Edwin Michael said...

Very nice classic bicycle! Priceless indeed!

komenda said...

I share that same appreciation with you edwin :-)