Monday, August 07, 2006

Lowrider T-tres

Saw this custom 70's Benz once cruising along Ayala Avenue and was amused that it was given the Lowrider treatment.
To begin with, the Lowrider movement emanated from the Hispanic Pueblo in North America. Their distinct culture is evident in their cars which slowly captured the fancy of gearheads world-wide. It's a total lifestyle in itself, termed "La Raza". We Pinoys have this affinity to the Hispanic culture, having been a 300 year colony of Spain. A quick look at our well decorated indigenous vehicles will assert this. For me, I envisioned a Lowrider to be an early model Chevy Impala slammed so low and capable of hopping about. But this style can now be applied to a variety of vehicles.
Why not on a VW? To capture the low-slung profile, a Type3 Fastback is chosen. Fitting "Airkewld" bagged suspension and smallish wire wheels to capture the desired slammed stance. For the attitude, throw in rear wheel spats, visors, opera windows, chrome goodies, fancy airbrushed paint and just don't hold back. If you're still unsure, check out our glitzy Sarao jeepney; a bit of inspiration from this, might do the trick.

"La Raza" Fasty


Anonymous said...

Ora la pwes vato! I don need no stinkin badges!

Nice one, ese!

komenda said...

muchos gracias, homeboy.