Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lotus bug gag

Remember the BBC Top Gear episode, wherein Jeremy Clarkson (in typical British humor) trashed a stock Lada for a total makeover by Lotus Engineering....and that certainly made for one expensive joke.
Replicate the same plot, with a '71 VW (T1) 1302 turned over to Lotus for tuning. The talented team sought inspiration from their legendary Lotus 7, the epitome of hot rod Briton-style. The result is a very sick joke, the Lotus 7-T1 (Seven-T-One).

Gag bag contents:
From VW
1971 Type One 1302, radical chopped. Type 4, 2-liter boxer motor.
From Lotus
'Seven'-fenders, OEM ‘chrome orange’ paint, OEM side markers, OEM side mirrors, Xenon headlamps, Custom rear wing, Double-wishbone tuned suspension, Custom light alloy wheels.
From ECM
Creative Boredom, Comic relief design.

Lotus 7-T1 bug


manilaghia said...


Now that's more like it! Lotus inspired. Even the name is perfect Lotus 7-T1. Just be sure that you start with a 71 or else it just won't cut it.

komenda said...

Thanks bud. I'm partial to the 1971 1302, coz my brother's bug is such. "Vrod" (Volksrod) is American. "Brod" (Brother) would be apt for the British rod? Hmmm....