Thursday, August 24, 2006

‘Targa Florio?’ Revisited
My Points of View

My first ever bug-run was documented in an article I made in ‘BugsEye’, the official news-letter of VWCP. Had a blast joining the mountain road run to a lake resort and surely, the first is always the most memorable one.
I do hope that the article rubbed on to my fellow Volksbuddies, what it was like to join the ‘running of the pack’. But as they say, “pictures paint a thousand words”, so I’m sharing photos of that run from my vantage point, inside my car.

Early part of the run

KG preparing to pass me

On course to the Lake resort

Tail-gating the Karmanns

My Golf over-looking the lake


manilaghia said...


Luv those shots...brought back a lot of fond memories. We have to do this again. see you on Sunday!

komenda said...

It was really a fun run. Sure Dennis, let's make Sunday, our version of Monte Carlo!