Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rebel Vrod

Those who love two wheels definitely know Harley Davidson. This bike is hand-built in the US, and it is an icon of the American way of life. Freedom and mobility, is what it stands for. A loyal following, which shares the same passion of ‘easy riding’ and ‘brotherhood’, fuels this legend. A brawny image of ‘tough as nails’ is akin to it, surviving the test of time and change. Or so it seems.
In 2002 the iconic company decided to rebel against its rebel image. A revolution in evolution, I might add. In decades of seemingly resisting technology for technologies’ sake, the legendary marque introduced its Vrod. A bike like no other in its history, a potential shaking of its image is inevitable. The Harley Vrod came with all the new technology to rival its Japanese competitors, and the biggest revolution is that the engine is water-cooled. A risky proposition indeed, in the eyes of the purist.

A similar proposition happened in the 70’s with VW. The air-cooled cars were steadily declining in demand, the tougher government regulations making them harder to compete, and the Wolfsburg Company is bleeding financially brought about a revolution in evolution. Thus the water-cooled cars came into being, and this proved to be a wise decision on VW, as it has grown to be a better company after that.

What prompted “Hallmark” of Kansas to do a collectible diecast of this Vrod is a guess as good as mine. Maybe their company signifies “hallmarks in time’, as this motorbike is precisely that in Harley’s history. The model is supposed to be an ornament for Christmas, a d├ęcor you might say. It’s was meant to be hanged, yet it’s downright heavy to say the least. Maybe it’s too special to hang as it is delicately detailed and really more apt for a glassed-up display case. I find it to be really cool and mine will be on display the whole year round.

Hallmark Vrod

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