Friday, August 25, 2006

Hog Bug

Conspiracy Theory Series

Covert Meeting Place:
A rebel outpost in Sturgis, South Dakota

Grand Conspirators:
Willie Davidson, grandson of one of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s founders and the designer of the 2002 Harley Davidson Vrod.
Fred Hidalgo, artist responsible for one of the most influential Hot Rod VWs, the 2002 ‘Stink Bug’ Vrod.

The Conspiracy:
The two artists realized they both have significant contributions to the gear-head society. Knowing they are part of the most influential ‘mutual-admiration-society’ of rebel designers, decided to join creative juices for a project vehicle codenamed, ‘Hog Bug’.

Accessory to the Conspiracy:
Martin Smith, designer-builder tasked to undertake the construction of Hog Rod Beetle in SoCal.

Harley-Davidson Owners Group Hot Rod Beetle, the Hog Bug

Up-close, front end

Up-close, rear end


manilaghia said...

Hey, what happened to my comments?

Erwin, Like I said, I really dig the Harley Hog Bug. Especially the fenders. You did a good job of marrying 2 icons. Special props to the use of a 1303 for the curved windshield. AYos!

komenda said...

Hahaha, Dens I think you posted the comments on Bugselecta. i'm a fan of Harleys too, maybe in a few years with much hard work or all grey hairs...we can cruise around in these legends. Riding buddies tayo!

manilaghia said...

Oh, Oo bugselecta pala. hahaha