Thursday, August 31, 2006

VW Street Day

Last Sunday is fun-day! As akin to warming up to a cup of coffee on a very fine early morning, an ideal fun-day starts with an ideal fun-run. Meeting up with old friends and making new ones, is always a recipe for delight. We began by blasting through the Metro Streets in our VW waterwagens, like boarding-school boys on a sem-break loose, we were in for unadulterated gear-head rush. With the Euro-wagens in a brisk convoy it seems as though we were on the Autobahns or Autostradas of Europe. A feeling of maybe a surreal road racing course like ‘Monte Carlo’ comes to my imaginative mind. After that blast of a fun-run, the Euro-wagens met up with their brethren down south for an all VW Gathering. Initially a gas station ‘pit-stop’ was in order, for a regrouping of more convoy members. Posing, parked and lined up with Old-Skool VW machinery, got merits of happy stares from on-lookers. The highlight of that day and the destination course is ‘VW Street’. A street officially named after a hardwood but for now it is designated as VW Street (I had the liberty of renaming it for you Volksbuddies) every last Sunday of each month. Fittingly that strip was packed with eighty-one Vdub of every type, style, stance and most of all with friendly owners having a fun time. Surreal? I tell you, this is real!


cruznvw said...

Congratulations for your authorship of naming a street after our VWs. Very nice blog and writing style. Hopefully you will bless our Voks site with your feature article.

erwin said...

Thanks for the kind words. The blog is linked and covers the Volks communities and it always gives me pleasure to write about our common ground....our love for VW's and the friendship that goes with it.