Monday, September 04, 2006

A few of my favorite things

As a teen growing-up north of the metropolis, I was exposed to the simple life. Life that centered on family, good values and no-frills, is my foundation. I was much into cars very early, since my family’s business revolves around automobiles. With this exposure, appreciating and driving one became sooner than most kids my age.

My fondness to VW in particular, was a result of a Notchback being part of our family during that formative early adulthood. A 1963 VW 1500S to be exact, that contributed to making those years memorable. It has transformed from one color to another, from one style to the next, but it was better remembered as a dark blue Cal-look VW. My father named it ‘Mad Max’ due to its dark color paint,the black ‘banana’ centers its wheels sport and brisk acceleration.

Everyone recognizes ‘Max’ and was a constant companion on teenage fun and curious misadventures. I always had enjoyable errand-rides with it, while listening to new wave music on its cassette player radio. I can still recall how punchy the engine was and the unexplainable special ambience of just being inside.
‘Max’ was sold one infamous summer, much to our regret now. All of us miss ‘Max’ and are keeping our eyes open if it suddenly reappears. For now I’m Notch 1500S hunting, to get me back to where I started in VW. I’ll be patiently waiting for the right Notch to come my way.

Meanwhile, this NotchBox is regularly gracing my desktop till the real deal comes along.
NOTCHback-BOXster in my favorite ‘Max’ color….dark blue.


manilaghia said...

Notchbox huh?

Sabi sa yo, great minds think alike. I just finished posting the FourNotch (four-door notchback) in my blog and I had a Speedster Notchback I called Speed3. Instead of dark blue, I have mine as black with a red interior. BUT THEY LOOK SRIKINGLY SIMILAR...Speedster roof, sans bumpers... I will post mine in a few days so we can compare. Great Job 'Win

komenda said...

Hahaha, it's Notchback longin' for me and this is the result. I'll check your Notch too and add it to my concept treasure files....and get ideas when I locate my teenage T3....or its clone.
Thanks Dens!

manilaghia said...

I finally finished Speed3. check how similar it is to your Notchbox. Originally, I was going to paint it black but your blue looks better

komenda said...

Speed3 is really a long lost twin of Notchbox, Dens. Slight deviation on the windshield, but very strong family resemblance. Our minds were WIFI connected with these two, Hahaha. An enigma!