Monday, August 21, 2006


Custom Selecta Series

European flavor to customizing is distinct as they come. What’s tasty to the Americans might not be as delectable to the Europeans. Take the VW Beetle as a case study. The Yankees go for the pre-’67 Bug as their basis for custom rides, and generally frown on the obese, bulging later models which are great to capture the German-look.
I’ve gone trying to capture some Euro-tuner look in Custom Selecta from scratch again. Tune in to some of these wacky suggestions, or maybe creative obsessions.

Auto Motor Und Sport look
Swiftback Scalpel
Schweizer Fernsehen look
Swiss-Army Speedster
Top Gear look
Lotus 7-T1


manilaghia said...

I absolutely love the Swiss Army Speedster (GANDA NYA) and I can't get my eyes off 7-T1. Good job Erwin! See you water pumpers on Sunday

komenda said...

Thanks Dennis, its was originally a switchblade speedster a very close kin of your 'Switchblade Razor' about two creative guys thinking on the same line. We'll be running with you on Sunday, Bro. This will be fun!