Friday, June 16, 2006

Smoky and the Barn-ditch

A British Lesney production

The Plot: To transport a load of Hot Rod Ford roadsters, in time for the Royal Tractor Drag-race. The Lordship wouldn’t want any delays and failure is non-negotiable. Penalty would be a dose on the head with hot tea…with crème of course.

Therefore only the best were tasked for this “Top Gear” job.

Smoky: The one and only “Hot Hatch” a.k.a. Volkswagen GTI will clear the way and escort the precious load. Driving is no other than…who else… Jeremy Clarkson.

Barn-ditch: A “Hot-tempered” Ford transporter 10-wheeled monster carrying three Hot Rod Dragsters. Behind the wheels is…cool as ice…”The Stig”.

The ending: Ahhhh….we don’t watch car movies for the meaty stories….only see it for the cars. So, who cares about the ending…. “The cars are the stars” anyway.

Special thanks to the cool dudes at Matchbox Collector’s Community for the “help on K20A”.

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