Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hot Rod Legends
I was fortunate enough to have had the chance to watch the classic 1973 film "American Graffiti" during the era of Betamax tapes in the 80's. I can vaguely recall the story line right now, but to me the featured Hot Rod cars were really the stars. So when "Hot Wheels" released a 25th year commemorative diecast diorama of the "American Graffiti" famed cars, I immediately got myself one in 1998. Admittedly I'm a discerning VW and Porsche specific miniature car collector, but with those must-have Hot Rod legends, an exception to the rule happened.

The duo amidst Mel's Diner; a '32 Ford Coupe and a '55 Chevy 2-door viewed as two protagonist embodying the Hot Rod and Drag racing culture in the 60's Rock and Roll Era.

That yellow Ford Coupe is reinterpreted in a Vrod using a 1950's Stoll Coupe by Manilaghia....aptly named "Tweety"

If you're wondering about the Vrod version of the black 2 door, that will be named "Sylvester"...soon to come!


Dennis said...


The story is about the last day of High School. Everybody was pumped up for summer vacation and the plot revolves around the mischief the guys and gals get themselves into.

Your right, the cars were the stars. The 32 "Deuce" coupe is still alive and is frequently seen during Hot Rod shows all over the USA.

I don't see the Black 55 Chevy in any of my magazines but certainly it has inspired the mean look of these badass tri-year (55-56-57) Chevys (incidentaly, the driver of the Black Widow is Harrison Ford)

There was one more significant ride in the film, The pink 55 Ford Thunderbird driven by Suzanne Sommers.

Legend says that it was a story of George Lucas' actual High School days.

komenda said...

yup, its a George Lucas' film, Dennis, and a Harrison Ford starrer too. These guys eventually teamed up in the famed "STAR WARS" trilogy. Making this movie a real gem. Erwin