Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hot Rod Bug

When you talk about the VW Bug, images of hip and cool races through ones mind. The rounded-shaped simple car has evolved into an “icon” of un-explained charisma like no other 4-wheeled vehicle in the world. Much has been described about its features and idiosyncrasies, but nevertheless makes it unique and lovable.

The versatility of the Bug is another wonderful trait. It can adapt to, many environments and is receptive to customization or styling. This has made possible, styling trends of Cal-Look, German-Look and Resto-Custom.

I remember being in a light-hearted exploratory discussion a few weeks back of a possible trend in the local scene. The topic being is “hot rod” look VWs. This has been started years back and has trickled unto the VW crowd in the U.S., but here, there is still none. Well, would-be-pioneers of this look are welcomed. Any brave and adventurous enthusiasts out there?

Hints on how to get the hot rod-look; flat black paint or just straight primer…air-brushed flames…..rod fenders or no fenders at all…..smoothie hub caps on red steelies…..bias ply or coker tires. If you need some more inspiration, watch “American Graffiti”…..after that try a Fonzie hair-do.

V-rod, happy days are here again!


manilaghia said...

Although American HOT Rods have been with us since the 30s, only recently have this styling trend influenced VWs.

Fenderless, chopped top, primered, using early dropped Ford front axles, the style had pissed off VW purists from the start!

However, the look somehow looks right. Pure Hot Rod at its most basic. In fact, Fred Hidalgo's 64 "Stinkbug", of the Socal Speed shop was invited and drew admiration in the centerstage of the Hot Rod show world.

Who will be the 1st to do this style here in the Philippines?

komenda said...

Manilaghia, you might want to share some of your Vrod concepts here. Draw them Man, and inspire would be hot-rodders.