Sunday, March 04, 2007

Third Career?

Doing a future fun VW pedal car as a hobby-biz is tops.
This would make for an interesting start.
So, why stop there?
Up another fun level, something ought to evolve.
But it has to be something along those lines too.
It must be VW based, light-hearted and creative endeavor.
At times, it can just give you that plain good laugh.

With the local scene full of creative talents, it will work.
Jolly men with skills are there for the picking.
I’ve seen them make Mustangs out of flat G.I. sheet.
Make chassis and custom fabricate works of pop-art.
I’ll be one of those that make sure their craft continues.
Call it a noble cause, call it grass roots fun, or call it both.
My third career is close to patronizing the Pinoy ingenuity.

Tri….cycle Career!
Aircooled Specialist and Custom Builder

Beetle bodied sidecars ....
....with custom surfboard roof.
What out….Orange Country Choppers!


manilaghia said...

DANG Erwin!!!

You made me spill coffee on my pants!

I Luv the drawing man!!

Hahaha. Komenda Err-Kuld Specialist!!

The trikes the BOMB!!!

We gotta do that 1:1 scale to scare the sh*t out of TODA! Hahaha

komenda said...

Salamat Dens!

Hahaha, i imagined an aircooled bug trike atop an aircooled pickup must be a sight to see!

Let me see...
Hmmm...pwede kayang I Volksrod yan?