Thursday, April 19, 2007

Double Haul

Life is full of tempting choices.
It’s always choosing, which is which.
What if you had to choose between,
two fav VW to bring to a club meet?
A split decision is a difficult one.
More like a splitting predicament to me.

Wait a minute!
Splitting would more likely be the fare to go.
Volks-people have done it.
Tow the other VW with another VW!
A common way to make a statement though.
If you’re going to make a scene, do it grand!

Don Croxton has a grand plan!
A plan that’s something different.
That is to transport those VW’s in style.
Custom the loader as a show in itself.
Hitch the trailer convoy with class too.
Then paint a VW color to nail the look.
Those Vdubs are pampered to the max!

Double Transporter

Load em up!

The Fasty load

Pretty in Pink


Anonymous said...

thank you so much . looks good

komenda said...

A lot of them liked these so much, especially from within the collectors community!
You got a group of winner customs there, my friend!

manilaghia said...

how about a close up shot of the orange fasty?

komenda said...

Sure Dens.
That red orange one is an original (not a custom job, or stock if its 1:1) Matchbox from the early days and it's awesome.
I have one of this and will post soon :)