Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One Fast 1

The lazy custom series

The basis, a Matchbox Porsche GT1

Had this sitting for a while de-tampoed, blacked wheels and all...
...or used as a backdrop for newer Matchbox Porsche.

But seeing a Lamborghini Gallardo exotic police car made me tinker with this dreamy idea,for a quick custom.
Increasingly, the bad guys speed away in very fast cars. Mobil 1 team donates one of their 1996-97 racer to the police, to be up to-the-chase.

Racing livery replaced with "road pavement with white dashed lines" looking graphics instead
..kept the sponsor name as memento.
The blinker lights sourced from a British unit though, it's worded in English!

Awful story?!
Here's the Police helicopter view!

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