Friday, January 23, 2009

Awesome Vintage Redlines

You know how us Porschephiles tick?
Palms sweating whenever Stuttgart finest are held!
And, yes I got sweaty and ecstatic holding them.
I mean, the small scale ones.
I’m still working on a dream 1:1…
…someday it will come.

Of the 1/64 kind, the vintage Redlines are up there,
on THE covetous list.
These HotWheels Porsche 917’s are smooth rollers!
Alas, I can say for sure they are!
I’ve glided them on my table and they are speedy hot.
Appreciate these awesome redlines from Chad Castle.
These made the start of the collecting year a blast!

Spectra-blau blast


Chrome-lightning streak

Awesome Redline racing team

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