Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Successor to the the KG

Karmann cars series

VW was in need of a successor to the Karmann Ghia.
They wanted the formula right, as a previous attempt,
was not to their usual expectation.

The formula was such that it must be; like the 1st KG,
An Italian designed 2+2 body,
Power/Drivetrain/Platform by VW,
Built by Wilhelm Karmann GmbH in Osnabrück, Germany.

The result was the VW Scirocco.
Designed by Giugiaro of Ital Design.
Mechanicals from the 1974 VW Golf
And built by Karmann.
The outcome is the most successful VW coupe, of which
800,000 units were sold. A true worthy heir to the KG.

My Paul Model Art 1/43 of the 1976 VW Scirocco.
Single wipers, quad-lamps, front air dam = 70’s sporty
BTW, Honda copied this to make the 1st gen Accord!

Love that wedge look, which is signature Guigiaro design.
Sporty VW OEM wheels are beautiful on this coupe.
My brother has the 1:1 of it.

Regarding PMA’s formula = detail is always done right!
In typical early watercooled VW, exhaust tailpipe
is angled. You got to give it to PMA for accurateness!


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