Monday, December 06, 2010

VW Gathering Dec 2010

The annual celebration of folks-wagens, friends, fans and fanatics never fail to disappoint. Weather that day (Dec. 5) sizzled hot and so is the enthusiasm of the followers of the gathering. Old and new faces share the same undying passion for Volkswagens. Notwithstanding the few fiberglass body air-cooled Flat4, the line “Invest in Precious Metal” is alive and kicking! Enthusiast came to drive, flaunt and rejoice their love for the marquee. Viva VW!

The Curiosities
NY Taxi
Earth Thing
Sand Thing
Manxter Buggy
550 Replica
Komenda :-)
VW Brasilia
Type 1

Type 2

Type 3


We came in these 1:1 Rides, "ChocNut"  (VW Jetta U.S. Version)
"Manga" (VW Polo Sedan)



i like the volksrod, nice event and nice photo's too...

komenda said...

Thanks Mervin :-) the Volkrod is such an interesting Bug, happy you liked it.

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Wow!!! Fantatic & superb VW fan's gathering.

Is always felt joyfull & triumph to be part of this event.

"Lucky u & family".



komenda said...

Hello Kin,
This gathering is both for the car guy and the family as well :-) The hobby is more enjoyable with the warm participation of family and friends! It's great bonding time :-)
Thanks & Best regards,

danielh said...

A lot of VWs display here on the gathering. You must be having a field day and fun feasting those VWs, hahaa...

That VolksRod real cool.. must be one and only in Philliphines.

And i like that Type 3 shown in the picture no19. i think it's Volkswagen FastBack.

komenda said...

Danielh, it was completely fun!
The Volksrod type, has caught on too. I think there are more of them :-)
You're right it's a Fastback!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

I missed going in this event because of my soooo busy sked! love all of them, too sweet!

btw, be on a lookout for the Hotwheels Brazilla that will comeout next year! :-)

komenda said...

Hi Mike, you should be there next year :-) i'll be looking forward to that!
The Hotwheels Brasilia is eagerly anticipated, and the Ford Fiesta as well. I hope the Fiesta will have a white one, like my 1:1 :-)

Scratchydub said...

Hi Erwin!
Wow, great meeting! A real joy to watch those photos! ;)
Ah, that 550 Replica, so beautiful! I bet you would have liked one of those as a Birthday present ... :)

So many nice Volkswagens out there! They must come from all over the country to this meeting. Impressive!


komenda said...

Hi Maarten,
This annual VW day is attended by enthusiast from all over the country :-)something to always look forward to see! Enjoyed it much.
You read my thoughts right my friend :-) that 550 would be a perfect gift for me! Komenda likes it a lot (haha).
Thanks and Cheers!