Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wish list 1973

Start with;
-A legendary body design of an ageless classic.
-Widened the rear fenders to accommodate even wider wheels.
-Use light weight panels and stripped to net 840kilos.
-A tried and tested 6 cylinder engine
-A displacement of 2.8 litres
-308 bhp / 290NM torque!
The agenda;
-Dominate Group 4 GT
The result,
-The all conquering Porsche 911 RSR 2.8!

This too is the top of my car wish list of all time!

The PMA version in 1:43…

…is a little wish come true!


Vasco said...

Who does not have the same desire? I can imagine traveling a route, near the Mediterranean ....

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Very nice & detail of this Porsche Carrera.
It is from Minichamps ?

"Nice Collection".

Cheers :)


komenda said...

Hi Vasco,
Nice thoughts on a wonderful road trip with a view of the sea :-)

komenda said...

Hi Kin,
You're correct :-) This litte RSR is from Minichamps. A fav 1:43
Thanks and Greetz!

Juanh said...

Muy bello 911, un gran auto.

komenda said...

Hola Juan,
Este es de hecho un coche maravilloso deporte! Su atractivo es para todos :-) tiempo
Gracias y saludos!

Gaucho Man said...

ok man, ok man
behave yourself and your wishes will come true.
or behave yourself because your wishes have already came true!!!
very nice model indeed,
as simple as radical,
effective and handsome

komenda said...

Hola Gaucho!
Haha! I tried being a very good boy, so that Santa will grant me this wish to come true :-) this particular Porsche.
Agree with you that it is simple and amazing car at the same time!