Thursday, January 18, 2018

End of the year delight

December, was a seldom out-of-the-country month for my family. This past year (2017) was a first, and we are loving it. Colder weather, but not too harsh; this trip was soooo much fun! Since it's also my birth month and our anniversary with my better-half, the travel was a double celebration, as well.

Travelling also afforded, a venue to take interesting photos of small cars :-) .
It wouldn't be extra fun for this kid-at-heart, if I didn't take such wonderful opportunities, amidst fantastic backdrops!

I brought a much familiar traveling diecast... and another attractive livery VW, for extra delight of this amazing journey.


Juanh said...

Dear friend Erwin, the idea of taking pictures of your VW combi in different places of Taipei is very good; If my memory does not fail me, something similar you had already done in Japan.
A joy to hear from you.

komenda said...

Thanks my friend, Juan! Yes this diecast has been with me, in Japan. Thanks for your visit, great to hear from you my friend.