Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Camper

Face of the VW enthusiast series.

Wondering what have I been up to for the past weeks?
You thought I was sleeping out on my VW blog!
While busy making bucks, I’m still thinking of VW’s…
anything pertaining to the enthusiast and the hobby.

This might very well be a primer of the hobbyist.
A peek of the person, behind the fascination.

He’s someone who enjoys the Vdub.
A ‘Bus’ in this case. Type 2 for the VW geeks.
More precisely a Westfalia, I might add.
This fella is out-going.
Groovy? Yes!
He wants closeness in everything.
Likes everything in tight package.
Oh, he knows how to squeeze, and love it.

So engrossed in the Westfalia, that he lives…
and breath the camper lifestyle.
Here he is….

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