Monday, July 23, 2007

My new old-skool toy
I’m smitten again by the old-school VW waterpumper.
Just got this and a lady previously owned it.
This one is well taken cared for
and all original example.
My new 1:1 toy to enjoy, old-school Jetta GLI

backdrop is a barn inspired place for fun and toys.

Here’s my other old-school toy (obviously I’m hooked),
a variant of that white Euro-version.

This metal sunroof model is a US-version.

I’m pictured here during a fun run with other VW old-schooler.

Everyday enjoying VW's! Everyday is a fun day! Enjoy life!


Anonymous said...

nice... you would not want to polish your VW Parts?

komenda said...

I might in the near future :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric!!! Nice girl you have there!!

Very Cool!


komenda said...

Thanks Dioms.
Yup she's cool :)
glad you liked it