Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cool Gama Minette

Holy grail series

After 3years of looking and waiting…
Finally got this Gama Minette Porsche Carrera.

It’s a bit dirty, some nicks and all, but I’m very pleased with this one.

Decals have yellowed already, the front one torn thus showing cleaner paint.
Should I restore the torn portion? Come to think of it, I’ll keep this as is!

The Minette’s shape captures the Porsche 906 very well…although

…the wheels are curious in their proportion. They looked like push-pins!
But then again, I liked these very unique wheels. They won’t roll fast, the rods are thick.

I’ve been also searching on detail info about this model before I got this, but the web doesn’t have much. So I’m sharing some for others that might be interested. The rear plastic has an “H” marking of sorts, …really don’t have a clue what it means.

Engine bay showing the gold paint cover and the carb stacks.

So much joy having this already...and the trill of the hunt that went into it....
This the next holy grail!


Starscream said...

My word. Made in West Germany!! That's a rare gem. Good for you dude.

komenda said...

Glad you liked it Star :-)
Happy to share my current pride & joy with you.

Anonymous said...

I have one of these that looks the same aside from no "H" in the rear window, and no gold paint :) The bottom is the same as well as the decals though!