Thursday, May 21, 2009

Solo Fun Run

Beating the showers: Part 1, The Trip

Impromptu out-of-town trips are always the best.
Not only are they thrilling, they are usually the ones that do materialize.
Sometimes we plan too much for one, but they end up just that, mere plans.
Deciding at the spur of the moment is the way to get this done. Pronto adventure!
This best describe this road trip; one that is meant to beat the coming of the rainy days.

So we set out to test how well our old-school VW waterwagen eat up this road meal with gusto. All captured from inside the vehicle at high speed, the travel scenery is a joy in itself.

The road fun views

Nice road cut through the hill

More hill cuts

I love the country-side...

...and the mountains

Trip curiosity made me smile

The destination's first view...

...and a sneak preview...

...why we came here...
up next in future post!

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