Sunday, August 09, 2009

Tale of Two Gamas

Side-by-side feature

1969 is a peculiar year.
For one it has two numbers flipped.
That year was the release also of two peculiar cars;
the quad-lamped VW 411 and the VW Porsche 914.
Noticed too, that two of their numbers are similar,
yet flipped in arrangement. Coincidence?

The mother of peculiarity is that these two shared the same
4-cylinder Type4 engine!

The VW 411, the very first 4-door VW mid-size sedan

Very first VW to sport MacPherson front strut/rear coil
suspension and first to use monocoque body.

Love the opening features of old 1:43.

When Gamas were still labeled ‘Western Germany’ products.

The 914, the very first official joint venture car of VW & Porsche.

Very first mid-engined production car for Porsche.

Operable parts are appealing in 1:43, including pop-up lamps and removable top.

Made, prior to the unification of Germany. So Cool.


BRIAN VESPA of Diecast Japan! said...

Gamas are cool! Last month I sold 3 GAMAs to a fellow collector. 2 Opels and a Benz 500SL.

One of the few diecast made in Western Germany.

Nice find!

komenda said...

Thanks Brian! You're getting the desirable vintage stuff to drool about, great source (were they from Japan store?).

komenda said...

BTW Brian, your Vespas are awesome!
I'd want to leave a post in you blog, but I get an 'error on page' again...keep up those interesting features!

BRIAN VESPA of Diecast Japan! said...

Erwin, you were able to successfully post in my blog and I really appreciate it.

The GAMAs are from Japan hobby shops. I sold it to my good friend Frank.

komenda said...

Those shops are a treasure trove! Wow!