Sunday, January 03, 2010

Best find of previous year

Looking back with a wide smile

2009 was a great year for my growing collection!
Of the many wonderful cars to come my way,
This one is the best I got for that year. A truly great holy grail found!
Actually it was send over to me and found by a wonderful friend..…
I can’t thank him enough.
Incidentally was received on my birthday week last year!
From the 1960’s Rail Route Series by Majorette.
The only known Porsche F1 (Type 804) in real life and 3" diecast.


danielh said...

very nice gift from your friend and this models has a new owner!

btw, happy belated birthday Komenda!

komenda said...

Thanks Danielh! Happy New Year to you!
I'm really happy to be this car's new keeper ;-) and I consider this then to be a priceless Bday gift of sorts :-)

Jovet's Garage said...

What a way to start the year, congrats and belated Happy Birthday Erwin!

komenda said...

Thanks Jovet :-) HAPPY New Year to you! More blessings!

Anonymous said...

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