Saturday, January 30, 2010

Poster Poser

Those my age would know this;
As a little boy, the exotic wedge fast shape is an ultimate dream ride.
The menacing look even captures the childhood fondness of robots then.
I remember my classmate would draw this endlessly until he masters the car's details.
Most of us would have pictures of it. A poster is the ultimate on the wall décor.
Ah those were the days!

Reliving that age of naïve automotive amazement is embodied in this heavy 1:43 diecast.

Bandai Lamborghini Countach



Hello erwin, it's been a month from your last update. Nice countach like the color.....

komenda said...

Hi Mervin, yup it’s been a while :-) at the start of the year much office work needs attention lately. Finally got some break to post. Glad you like the Lambo!

BRIAN VESPA of Diecast Japan! said...

BEC is one of my fave vintage diecast manufacturer. Cool Lambo!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

it shows our age hehehe! That was every boys dream before, nothing comes close except maybe a sexy Ferrari 308 for me. Those doors are like 20 years ahead of its time. Great catch on that HTF countach Erwin, congrats! :-)

komenda said...

Indeed BEC is vintage cool, Brian. Maybe someday a Bandai Porsche will find its way to join this one.

komenda said...

Thanks Mike, we both are young at heart :-) with our choices of cars!
It is unusual to stumble upon this in our shores, but this Lambo was acquired locally. Lucky find :-)

Jovet's Garage said...

I also remember those car posters at the walls of the barbershop where my Lolo used to take me. Congrats on that local find Erwin!

komenda said...

Thanks Jovet! That was such fun childhood memories :-)

danielh said...

hi erwin,

it's been a long time to see your posting. and it's nice to see you again here.

nice lambo, infact this is also my childhood favourites.
thanks for sharing

komenda said...

Thanks Danielh,
It's good to have some free time for our hobby :-) It's a great break from designing and office.
Cheers :-)

Gaucho Man said...

hola amigo! greetings from argentina.
your vintage countach is very pretty, i love the opening doors.
and i also liked your intro, like your style.
i will keep on surfing your blog tomorrow.

komenda said...

Hola Gaucho!
Thanks for your visit :-) please enjoy the blog.