Sunday, February 07, 2010

914 / four

My partiality to the car wearing both the marques that I loved most is obvious.
The VW-Porsche 914 is such an automobile of queer amalgamation due to its parents.
An offspring brought about by a volume car company on one hand and the other the purveyor of specialty sports cars. The result is an interesting combination to say the least.
Today the union has come full circle, Porsche is now owned by Volkswagen AG.
My interest was reinforced with the recent introduction of MB of the 914. This makes it a 3” quartet of one of my favorite car.


Siku V-series; Germany

Faller; Germany

Schuco; Germany


danielh said...

wow!! so many differents makers of the same car.

Apart from matchbox, is it hard to find others like schuco, faller and siku?

thanks for sharing.

komenda said...

Hi Danielh, glad you liked the 4some. Happy to share these with you. Indeed the Siku, Faller and Schuco can be hard to get in my place. Good thing I have a wonderful European friend to help me find these :-)

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

i remember looking for a 914 when i was still collecting 1:64s cars of the world, and it was so difficult to look for this particular model, i knew of its existance here in your blog and in MCCH. why did matchbox only now released some good 'ol models tsk tsk!

congrats erwin! :-)

komenda said...

Thanks Mike!
Matchbox came a bit late in the game :-) The older ones have the charm that current release can't match IMHO. Still a very welcomed 914 addition. I think there is a version in 1/43 in rally form, I know you'll like that one :-)