Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Intended Accelerators

Reading between the blurred lines

A great number of us want to be in control of everything around us. Such is man’s voracious quest for control over the physical world, the society, his emotions and his desires. But in spite of that, man can’t completely get what he wants, tooooo badddd that it will never happen. Nothing can be perfect!
End of story?
Not really, there is such a word as; compromise. Now that seems kinda fun, when you look at it from an optimistic perspective. More like learning to accept cheerful improvisation and adapting to known limitations. There is always a child in us that says; I’ll make do with inadequacy and imperfection.
Take the case of these vaguely controllable toys that are such fun.

THE Bump car!
Steering is mayhem, it accelerate like stink! Never mind the brakes; there is none! What fun!

(Shown are EnchantedKingdom Roadsters, shot by ECM 21Feb10)

THE Slot car!
Steering is fly-by-wire control guessing game, its throttle control stinks even more! I love slot racing!

(Shown is OCR Porsche 935)

The Pull-back car!
Steering is surface dependent, it accelerates but bumps to a stop! You gotta like the hybrid drive (free wheeling / friction wound combo) it has! I do, Darda is my fav of the genre!

(Shown is DARDA VW Golf Cabrio)

Something coincidentally similar to cars nowadays?
Unintentionally Intended? Hmmmm….


Jovet's Garage said...

Haha! Another great read for me, thanks Erwin. =)

komenda said...

Hey Jovet, you're one cool guy :-) I'm happy you digg this unusual blog!

danielh said...

nice and interesting story! it makes me stop and ponders for awhile, haha..

anyway, nice pullback car!

komenda said...

That's cool Danielh :-) wonderful for you to appreciate this thought provoking feature. Thanks!