Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Belgium to Bagiuo

The adventures of ‘Tipaklong‘

The little fellow came all the way from Belgium, sent in by a good friend. I’m pretty sure he has travelled quite well; from his birthplace in Germany at the Siku factory and passed on to different other places in Europe. One can tell it was well enjoyed, by the play-worn look. That is a good thing! This small VW-T2 crew-cab brought smiles to many faces!

Now it’s bringing smile to mine and the family!
It will be a fun travelling companion here in this part of the world.
First adventure: the summer capital, Bagiuo.

Checked-in at a suite.

Resting on a pillow… spoiled!

Dusk, waking up early.

Ok, why Tipaklong? The ‘grasshopper’ , its face does look one. Doesn’t it?

Enjoying the landscape at Mines View Park.

Blending in with the foliage at the President’s Mansion

Resting at Wright Park.

Trying a miniature bridge at the Botanical Garden

Rock climbing at the Grotto

Now, an interesting VW-T2 in Session Road.


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

wow thats an old siku release! a well travelled diecast i might say, great shots to Erwin! :-)

danielh said...

very nice interesting adventures and story Erwin!
Looks quite rare! and i believe it's really a treasure to keep in your range of the fleet of casting.

nice pictures! hope to see more.

komenda said...

Thanks Mike, yup it’s old and cool at the same time. Love the nicks on it too…'Tipak' means nicks too :-)

komenda said...

Hi Danielh, glad you liked it. A bit rare in our place :-) definitely a treasure because anything from friends (RAOK) are considered priceless to me. It will travel more soon :-)