Monday, April 05, 2010

Orange posturing

Citrus colors are undeniably ‘in vogue’ this summer.
Hot like the weather, are colors of green, yellow and orange.
It’s easy to associate them with something fresh, something new.
New, can be also interpreted as an event of renewal or change.
No wonder, even political parties are taking on citrus colors as their official hues. I don’t blame them; they must be saying their choice of color is indeed suited to mean change. But change can have different paths; change for the better or change for the worst!
I do hope it is for the better; a better future for the now generation.

I hate politics, I really do. It makes me sick sometimes. Sadly humans are social beings admittedly having political views one way or another. These past vacation weeks, I experienced seemingly adult persons arguing childishly and heatedly about whom to vote for president. Their views and their rationale are contrastingly correct and wrong at the same time. Maybe they should see first what their candidate’s political citrus colors chosen, hypothetically meant. Maybe a clue will unfold regarding their political posturing? It’s the only light-heartedly and sane way to analyze it.

Like these on
Dark green is associated with ambition, greed, and jealousy.
Dull (dingy) yellow represents caution, decay, sickness, and jealousy.
Red-orange corresponds to desire, sexual passion, pleasure, domination, aggression, and thirst for action.

Or you Google more for other color meanings…there are tons on this subject!

Better yet, I’d just stick to the color I like best on a Thing... or two. More specifically the VW 181 Thing. The Thing came in citrus colors as well, but then again I’m partial to…..ORANGE.
Three reasons to like this hue…

Faller (Germany) up front

Matchbox (Mattel) middle

HotWheels (Mattel) back

Posturing Variations
Faller has fold down top, fold down windshield.
Matchbox has fold down top, top up windshield.
HotWheels top up top, top up windshield.


danielh said...

nice VW variation colours! perhaps orange do look better in these cars. It give us a thought why not in other colours but you show us that orange really nice on it.

nice pictures Erwin!

komenda said...

Thanks Danielh! Looking over my collection of VW Things, the other colors are just one each :-)

D.C. Haas said...

Great blog! I noticed the same thing:

komenda said...

Thanks DC! yup the same ;-)Hey nice blog as well!