Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Yellow Decadence

How time does fly!
It was like a decade has passed so fast- in reference to collecting 1:43 accurate scale car miniatures. Due to shifting interest towards much smaller scale cars and vintage (any scale) diecast, they have since been given the attention deficit. Last week though I got sick; nothing serious, just one day rest was all I needed. I was able to check my 1:43’s that day. All of a sudden, some realization nudged me and a retrospect is in order.
For one, the ‘accurate’ connotation needs a bit of re-assessment. “Back then” standards (of mine) were easily pleased by the Porsche 911 GT2 model subject. I was then awed by the detail, the livery decoration and presentation case. Decades later, examining and seeing it again, made me realize the rather crudeness of the detailing. Taking macro photos of it was the culprit. From just the naked eye (unassisted) everything is well enough. One lesson is thus learned; never macro-examine an old ‘accurate then’ stuff.
The other realization is that things, yellow with age. Occurrence often glaring with this phenomenon afflicts white paint, paper, bare white plastic and clear ones. Checking the GT2, the decal decorations have shown its yellowing state. It’s like decay! I don’t mind this happening to a period toy car or vintage diecast, as a yellowed decal or sticker adds to its old world charm and authenticity. This doesn’t apply to an accurate scale car though in my opinion; yellowed decor detracts from the overall look of perceived accurateness. Another lesson learned; choose tampo decoration over decal!

Case in point: I got this Vitesse Porsche 911 GT2 in Singapore late 90’s.

Albeit the macro scrutiny, I feel the model still has some appeal.

Maybe because- it serves as a reminder of my yearly tradeshow visits to Singapore. A memento of a bygone era. Now tradeshows (I’ve attended) have shifted mainly to Shanghai, Beijing or Guangdong.

A parallel is the Paul Model’s Art GT2 received from my friend last year.

The signs of yellow ageing are apparent.

Of course, since this came from a good friend, elevates this to ‘priceless’ category. RAOK, gifts received…I hold with great personal value!

Macro photos won’t flatter the GT2 details…
…but pulling back a bit and brighter light could get the eye fooled :-)

…or B&W, maybe…


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

whoa!! those are truly an awesome sight! and yes, tampos are better than decals but sometimes you have to bite the bullet when there is only one diecast company that did a certain model specially those old Trofeu's.

oh and by the way, try not to display your models in direct sunlight or harse and warm light because its one reason that those decals gets brittle and yellowish.

danielh said...

nice pictures! loves all the three porsches, even though looks color aging, it still look awesome!

i like the first pictures, vitesse 911 GT2. it looks very appealing even by today standard and that wheels, looks perfect!!

komenda said...

Hi Mike, these two GT2 represent my preference to racing machines as well ;-) Clearly these are from a time I've enjoyed much. In Hindsight, I still love to add more of them when available :-)
Thanks for the valuable tip my friend!

komenda said...

Hello and thanks Danielh, have to agree with you- they do still have the appeal, gearheads can't resist :-)
Vitesse, Trofeu's are stocked to please back then. Later on... I still remember going to a mall in Suntec City and it's 1:43 heaven!

interdomin said...

911 is the best!!

komenda said...

I couldn't agree more! 911 is up there with the best!

Kin said...

Hi Komenda,

Nice piece of interesting 911 you got there.
It is a track car or street legal ?

Is nice to keep such classic.


komenda said...

Hello Kin,
These particular 911 GT2's are track cars :-) The Konrad GT2 raced in '97 LeMans.

GT2's were also released for regular consumers as street legal versions.


Good choices in cars, I am not a fan of Porsche but I do have a few vintage 911s in my stable. My latest one is a vintage 43 from ASAHI.

komenda said...

Hello Brian, Thanks!
That Asahi is one on my wishlist :-)


Nice Porsches, I like the mags of the first one....

komenda said...

HI Mervin, Thanks!
I like the 'TSW wheels' as well :-)