Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clearing the cobwebs

Have you ever wondered for a moment how many miniature cars are there in your collection? I can presume there are more than a hundred of them. Some of us have thousands of these tiny cars in various scales! Honestly, I don’t have any exact inventory of mine. Got lost in the joys of collecting itself, thereby lost count of the enormity (LoL) and the extent of addiction! Weeks back, I had time to go through the ‘overlooked’ part of the collection. Cleared the dust and the cobwebs running through the display shelves. In the process, rediscovered a Spyder in there!
More precisely, the Porsche 936 Spyder chassis #001.

The 24 hours of Le Mans 1977 winner rendered in 1:43 by PMA…
driven by Hurley Haywood, Jürgen Barth and later by Ickx.

#4 is viewed as unlucky in the East…

This Porsche Spyder clearly debunks that!

And one more thing…

2 of a kind…

2 Martini 1:43’s


shaz @ kurz said...

i started not long enough.
so i still keep track of the numbers.
indeed it has reach hundreds though..lol
anyway nice Martinis!

komenda said...

Hi Shaz,
Wonderful to hear that you still managed to track the numbers :-) Did you catalog them on a computer file of sorts? I need to do that someday :-) when time permits!
Thanks & Cheers!

Kin said...

Hi Komenda,

I believe all your collection is very unique & rare.

"Nice Porsche 936 spyder".

Is always good to have it.


komenda said...

Hello Kin,
Appreciate it and delighted by your observations :-)
I feel that each toy has a story to tell, that surely make each piece unique. Maybe treasured because of the person who gave it, the travel/place you’ve gone to, or time and thrill of the hunt. This made me love collecting :-)
Thanks & Enjoy!

shaz @ kurz said...

i arrange them in categories..
just like we label our blog posts

Maarten said...

Hi Komenda!

Great Martini Porsches you have there! I have the 936 in 1:43 from Solido, but your PMA looks so much better. Did you buy it as a kit model?


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

I simply lost track of my 1:64 collection before, now after disposing most if not all of them, i have a better idea of how many my 1:43s and 1:18s are :-)

that's another beautiful Porsche Martini you got there Erwin! hope you have more of them in the future! :-)

komenda said...

Shaz, that's a good system to follow. Thanks for sharing :-)

komenda said...

Hi Maarten,
Thanks! The PMA's are part of a series exclusive(?) from the Porsche showroom many years back. They both are factory-built and in display cases with description cards :-)

The Solido 936 you have is nice as well!


komenda said...

Hi Mike,
I admire the direction you are pursuing; concentrating on 'accurate scale cars'. Honestly I've started with 1;43 and appreciate them till now :-)
Certainly more of these scale will eventually join the existing ones I have ;-)

Thanks & Cheers!

interdomin said...

Those Porsches are "the father and the son".

komenda said...

Yes ;-) or they can be also Martini brothers :-)

interdomin said...

Je, je, je.

komenda said...

:-) Tener un día feliz!

danielh said...

nice collections, these porches are beauty!! really drooling over the martini red,blue and black stripes!

haha, same to me too. i've yet to check and count my 1/18, 1/24, 1/43, and 1/64 scales. some kept safely in the box and some on the display shelf, accumulating layers of dust.

I remembered doing some house cleaning on those diecast every six months and it's a nightmare because took me a whole day to clean them.But on the positive side, i'm enjoying my hobbies besides cleaning and clearing dust, one by one, recount how and where i bought them, some times winning through ebay bidding by a slight dollar within closing times which makes me harder to part with it.

komenda said...

Danielh, I think we share the same enjoyment; the thrill of the hunt & the stories behind the diecast. It does make every piece more special.
Thanks & Cheers!

lorenzo721 said...

Superb !

komenda said...

Thanks Lorenzo.

Anonymous said...

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Definitely gonna recommend this post to a few friends

komenda said...


Anonymous said...

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