Friday, October 08, 2010

Raw Deal

After a much needed PC upgrade,. now a DigiCam.
Been trying out shooting RAW images.
Here are some output for starters.
Life can be complex, if you wanted it that way (haha)!
I’m not sure though on the outcome. Is it better?
I’ll take a while to max the potential of RAW.

Ahh Change….



Kin said...

Hi Komenda,

This VW Beetle coupe is really one of the rare of the rarest.
I only saw 4 doors but never like this.

"Spectacular & wonderfull Beetle & good collection as well".

Keep it up.


komenda said...

Hi Kin,
This regular Maisto was just enhanced by home-made decals ;-) to make it a bit special. Mounted it on a Teak wood strip as well.
I'm involved with the company on the side graphics...and the 'Carrera' marking is for Porsches ;-)
It my companion at the office...being at my side table over shelf!
Happy you like it :-)

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

the only difference I see between shooting raw and jpeg is the file size, usually professional photographers shoot raw because they need the pictures to be big in size so they can use them for posters and billboards, quality wise if its is just for flyers and for the net, jpeg is also ok to use, most photographers shoot raw and tweek them better than jpeg.

also not all photo enhancement softwares and computers can open a raw file.

the new Photoshop CS5 comes with a new Adobe Bridge CS5 that handles raw files and has a lot of stuff to tweek photos.

another would be "Lightroom" which is good for Raw pics also.

congrats on the new PC and digcam Erwin! hope to see more soon! :-)

komenda said...

Hi Mike,
Those are helpful info shared :-) Thanks for the input. I'd soon check those software you've mentioned.

Appreciate it much:-)

Ahh, new equipment needs a bit of time to learn too :-) it's fun nevertheless!