Friday, November 28, 2014

Back to Back

It is back!
Quite faster than fast!
Champions for the second consecutive year: the VW Polo R WRC and duo of Ogier/Ingrassia re-writes rally history again this 2014.
A rookie in 2013, the Polo R WRC team made a great mark on its maiden foray into the world rally scene. That first attempt is a first for the WRC record, in which a new tandem of driver/co pilot had bagged the championship on a debuting constructors winning rally car! And for the Polo R, the very first WRC car to win its maiden championship in its debut season; its feat forever enshrined in rally history.

The civilian VW Polo is close to my gear-head’s heart: It is a first of firsts. It will go down in my personal car ownership history, as my very first Volkswagen car. It was not an obvious choice for a lot of my countrymen (used to Japanese cars), but somehow I had to own one brand-new, back then. I had great fun with that green 6N model, and as it aged, taught me a great deal about car stuff. With it, I made my maiden attempt in learning basic maintenance and car care. European car parts are quite expensive in this part of the world, so I learned to be smart on repairs. Now, it is not with me anymore. That Polo had been passed on to someone, who has the same passion as I, in taking care of it years back.

Seeing the latest VW Polo in its current winning form, from the WRC, GTI and the other variants, I wonder if there is a second wind of Polo ownership, waiting for me. Weeks back, a VW contact informed me that locally, the 2014-15 VW Polo Hatchback might be launched this upcoming New Year. Will this be the year of ‘back to Polo’ ownership for yours truly? Hmmm….. :)

Meanwhile… a good friend sent me this Norev model of the 2013 VW Polo R WRC champ!


Gaucho Man said...

my personal car is a vw too,
model 2004, rather old but very soon to be replaced by another vw,
not as nice as a polo, but it fits my family requirements.

by the way, the photos are superb,
the background makes a movement effect.

komenda said...

Hello Gaucho, nice to know that you drive a VW :) and a family car is always a good car, one that is reliable. Great choice. Glad you liked the photos. Cheers!

Juanh said...

Muy buen modelo de Polo WRC Erwing, sólo Hyundai con Neuville pudieron ganar el Rally de Alemania, el resto fue todo para VW. ¿Qué marca y escala es la miniatura?

Very good model of Polo WRC Erwing, only Hyundai with Neuville could win the Rally of Germany, the rest was all for VW. What brand and scale is the thumbnail?

komenda said...

Hola Juanh, this model was made by Norev brand of France. The scale is 1-64 :) glad you liked it. Gracias!

Hola Juanh , este modelo fue hecho por marca Norev de Francia. La escala va de 1 a 64 :) alegro que te haya gustado . ¡Gracias!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

wow! the WRC champion car! looks great and so does your shots, stunning! :-) I wish I could find time watching WRC again, I miss the race badly!

Great VW Polo Erwin! :-)

BTW I think I still have an old 1/64 VW Scirocco by Hotwheels somewhere in the other house, its not that mint and I already swaped wheels, let me know if you like it, its a gift! :-)

komenda said...

Hello Mike, glad you like the feature post on WRc. I'd knew you like this stuff :). I've followed the WRC, at the 'rallytheworld' net site by VW. You can backtrack on the races, great rally stuff in there.
Wow! A custom Scirocco made by you is always welcomed in my collection :) Thanks in advance my friend!