Monday, March 14, 2016


The awareness and appreciation of vintage stuff is ever increasing; as always, old is cool, endlessly! I see a renaissance of connecting with the past and reliving fond memories; such is the case for vintage car and bicycle collecting. Many collectors are going back in time, by owning a piece of nostalgia- of fun times in their youth.
The 80's was a great time to spend your childhood; I can attest to that! It was in 1980, that I put together a 10-speed bicycle, for the first time. It's a time, I always go back, for feel good thoughts of wind-in-your-face freedom.
Thirty five years after (2015), I had a wonderful chance of owning a dream bicycle from that era. It certainly has every evidence, of being used to its fullest: a host of scratches, chipped paint, blemishes here and there. These add a distinct character to this vintage Italian racing bicycle. I have painstakingly cleaned, removed rust, oiled, greased and serviced its Campagnolo parts; but carefully maintaining much of its original finishes. Most of its finishes have beautiful patina: faded logos, well-worn original paint, thinned chrome edges, rubbed alloy; of which shows its history and decades of use. A term fittingly referred to as "Beausage"; beautiful usage!

My 1982 Cinelli Super Corsa

SN# 82179M

And another vintage, un-restored piece: A diecast miniature cycle, with Eddie Merckx
figure. A gift (in 2015) from a Belgian friend :)
In retrospect, I created this custom miniature VW T2 Crew Cab Pickup in March 2008, eight years ago  ( click > original 2008 post ); hoping someday, I'll be having an 80's Cinelli Bicycle to go with it. Dreams do come true!


Juanh said...

Hermosa tu bicicleta Erwin, y que decir de tu modelo a escala del gran Eddie Merckx. Ojalá consigas algún día la VW T2, y que tus sueños se hagan realidad!
Un placer volver a leerte por aquí amigo.
Erwin beautiful your bike, and to say your scale model of the great Eddie Merckx. Hopefully someday you get VW T2, and make your dreams come true!
A pleasure to read you here friend.

komenda said...

Thanks Juan :) yes, someday that VW will be nice to have, in 1:1 scale. Greetings, Erwin

Gaucho Man said...

The world is yours, the roads are awaiting you.
Enjoy your bike,
as you did 30 years before.

komenda said...

Thanks Gaucho! Enjoying every ride :) of my back-to-the-future bike. Greet, Erwin

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

very nice vintage race bike you got there Erwin!! :-)

komenda said...

Thanks Mike, trying to be fit and enjoying vintage stuff at the same time :-)