Monday, October 23, 2006

One more reason to like Cinelli

Italian Exotic – VW Connection

I’m into Cinelli ever since I got to have my very own Italian exotic vintage bicycle. Researching and reading about the glories past and the passion that created this cult object reinforced my appreciation for Cinelli even more.

It is of course, a normal route for me to check if Cinelli had somehow, in one way or the other, made a VW connection, apart from my personal VW-Cinelli experience. And, sure enough, much to my delight, it does!

The company a few years back introduced another intriguing creation, very much like they’ve done in previous decades of revolutionary ideas that changed the cycling world. A concept they called “BOOTLEG” and a lifestyle that it suggests. This particular Cinelli was designed revolving on the RAT nameplate, predominantly flat black and exudes a sleek snobbish and creatively rebellious appeal.

Cinelli BOOTLEG Bike, a “Zz Rats
Checking the Cinelli website, I was surprised (and happy) to find out that the rolling billboard image and support panel is a Volkswagen. Those Italians really know how to reinforce their cool appeal, and they made a perfect choice. Magnifico Cinelli!

Cinelli BOOTLEG Bus, a “baywindow VW-Type 2 Rat

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