Sunday, October 29, 2006


Oktoberfest is a German tradition of "fun, friendship and fraternity". What better analogy to describe our favorite pastime and common ground, the lifestyle that revolves around our love for European cars.

Early in the day we start the ‘fest’ with a gas up of our cars and our stomach for a fun run. Meeting fellow gearheads, we haven’t got in touch lately and meeting new ones are more than enough reasons to be present. A rare blast on the road to open the throttle bodies of our engines, is the next obvious reason.

Picture this;
A rare two-door mark 2 VW Jetta, clean and fresh for its era. You don’t see much of this around in our part of the world.

A 40th anniversary version VW Golf 2 of which less than 500units of rare original left hand-drive made world-wide. click to view more of the 40th version VW Golf

A group of late 90’s VW Polo Classic, approximately 400units worldwide, being a Pinoy only model variant. There is no exact model like this outside of our country, thus making this a rare Polo model. I bet you, in due time this will be a real ‘classic’.
Thrown in for good measure is a Karmann made VW Corrado and a VW Transporter Crew-Cab.
A Ferrari as a sweetener of our group? Well this Italian must have noticed the Euro-cars' presence and we didn't mind it mingling.
Us admiring the Prancing Horse's rear motor.
A long double-line of classic Wolfsburg rear engined cars with a hundred gearheads in ‘fest’ mode, a rare fraternity of sorts. The fraternity of warm bodies, which doesn’t mind the slight drizzle to celebrate fun. A mingling of friends, old and new!
Indeed, a rare and perfect celebration of Oktoberfest!


Anonymous said...

Nice Pics! Nice meeting you Erwin and the rest of the guys.
- Jerome (cellista)

komenda said...

It was a pleasure meeting you too! Thanks Jerome.