Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ticket to Ride

When : June 28, 2006
Where : Kamias Overpass
What : VW Breakdown
Whew : Need a ride home
, I was traveling north from my place of work via EDSA and everything seems normal as usual. Normal apart from a slight sound while stepping on the gas pedal. A faint squeal, much like a rubbing friction sound that I’m not familiar with my Golf Notchback (or more simply put, my Jetta). After a slow traffic in Cubao, I began to accelerate from a rolling start-stop, and was surprised my gas pedal went flat on the floor. Since the car is equipped with an automatic transmission, I was able to limp it towards the shaded area below the flyover. The culprit; a snapped accelerator cable!
Good thing I’m a member of the AAP and got to contact them for a flat-bed transporter to take my car. I commend their fast service and well maintained fleet. While the Jetta is on top of the flat-bed and on our way home, I began day dreaming “Ticket to Ride”.

“Ticket to Ride” feat “Tito Natz”
A Boyd Coddington craft inspired Notch. Ultra smooth black body, sanitary engine bay, chopped top and clean lines. Fitted with Boyd’s Billet wheels and one-off billet aluminum parts, everywhere. A T3 custom this sweet rides to show wins on a custom T2 flat-bed….what else.


manilaghia said...

nice one. I like the split window dualie

komenda said...

salamat bro! finally I was able to publish these reluctant and shy Vdub pair.